What Makes a Family?

The definition of ‘Family’ continues to drift into strange places. 

So today we look at where the world wants to take the family, and how God actually created us.

What makes a family?

Our role, as followers of Jesus, is to follow. You’ve heard pop stars say ‘I was born this way,’ and I agree. We are born a certain way, but this world wants to hijack that and turn you into something else.

God wants you to reflect his image – male and female – husband and wife.
This is Holiness.
This is Faithfulness.
This is following Jesus, even if the world tells you something different.

Remember, the world is NOT for you, the world is AGAINST you.

But, GOD is FOR you and wants you to prosper. He has a plan for you and a future.
May God bless you and keep you, as you Keep the FAITH!

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