Ulta Beauty Boycott – Men are not Girls

Truth and Beauty, are they related?Can you have beauty without truth? BEAUTY BRAND ULTA went woke and broke when they posted a tweet about the beauty of girlhood, on a podcast hosted by two men, pretending to be girls. Next we go to CHURCH, though not any church I’d attend where another man pretends toContinue reading “Ulta Beauty Boycott – Men are not Girls”

Shakespeare’s Gay and Scooby Doo, too!

In today’s news, Velma from Scooby Doo is super gay now, Shakespeare get’s his first non-binary character and another professor is fired, this time for teaching a subject that was just too difficult for the students to understand. Or at least that’s what they said when they petitioned to get him canned. Welcome to ChurchPublic,Continue reading “Shakespeare’s Gay and Scooby Doo, too!”

Your Job or Your Faith, Choose One

What if you had to choose your job or your faith?Which one would you choose.The answer may be more difficult than you think… Today on ChurchPublic, Current Events from a Christian Perspective: Australian Football CEO forced to resign after one day on the job because he volunteers at a church that talks about, wait forContinue reading “Your Job or Your Faith, Choose One”

Pro Life Father of 7 Arrested at Gunpoint

A pro life father who makes a habit of trying to help women not kill their babies. As a side note, this dangerous man also helps other men quit their porn addictions. Anyway, this father of 7 was arrested in front of his family at gun point last Friday by 20-30 FBI agents and hauledContinue reading “Pro Life Father of 7 Arrested at Gunpoint”


We used to be able to understand the basic difference between right and wrong. We used to understand the value of a family and a baby.When we said love your neighbor, that did not mean to kill them. Today on ChurchPublic:California governor uses the words of Jesus to promote abortion vacations.A MSNBC host condemns youContinue reading “Was Jesus PRO-ABORTION?”

Colleges against Christianity (and Judaism)

Current Events from a Christian Perspective: Today we go to college, no not really, but we will look at a few schools that are dealing with the cross between faith and culture and see what happens.We see a british school that doesn’t want people talking about marriage, traditionally at least.We have an Ivy league schoolContinue reading “Colleges against Christianity (and Judaism)”

Gay Pigs, Demon Children and Respect for Marriage!

Today on ChurchPublic, Cartoons are evil, the democrats want to redefine marriage, again, and a school teacher is put in jail for trespassing after he was put on leave for not wanting to use a students preferred pronouns. Welcome to Current Events from a Christian Perspective! Thanks for watching! Thanks for listening! At Church PublicContinue reading “Gay Pigs, Demon Children and Respect for Marriage!”

God Bless the Queen

Welcome to ChurchPublic – Current events from a Christian perspective. Today we are going to spend a few minutes talking about the passing of the Queen of England. Before you skip and change to another podcast, give me a minute to explain the significance. Yes, I am an American and still believe that America isContinue reading “God Bless the Queen”

Is Biden really the SOUL of America?

Well before the industrial revolution and the advent of the automobile, towns were organized in a vastly different way. If you go to many towns across western europe and even in the colonies of America, you will see a church at the center of the town. Why? Because the church was the center of theContinue reading “Is Biden really the SOUL of America?”

Woke Spiritual Disciplines

Today on ChurchPublic we have:Woke Spiritual Disciplines – Eating bugs is the new sacrament of the Left.Also:California banning gas cars while also telling people to not charge their electric vehicles.The Satan Club wants your children to join the after school program. We will look at the latest in sports progression. And a few other stories along theContinue reading “Woke Spiritual Disciplines”