Philosophy Friday – Socrates and Paul

Modern America is much like Ancient Athens. Yeah, I know that sounds impossible and no, we don’t speak Greek or wear funny robes, but the way we speak is still, after thousands of years, much the same. I’d like to tell you a story about Socrates, the Epicureans and Stoics, and the Apostle Paul. We will start first with Socrates and bear with me til the end, I think this will help us understand our current struggles with faith and culture and know what to do about them. Today we are looking at why Acts 17 informs our modern day evangelism.

Socrates and Paul

The reason I started Church Public was to connect church and culture. I want YOU to be equipped to follow Jesus and engage in the public square. For too long we have shied away from the confrontation that inevitably comes when we stand up for our faith. Instead of running from the culture, let’s work towards knowing more about culture and how the normal believer can live in the culture, but not be of the culture.

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