Biden Removes Hyde Amendment from 2022 Budget

The 2022 budget was just released and there is a lot of interesting things in it that will create some unfortunate circumstances, but today I want to focus on what is NOT in the budget. As I have mentioned before, this administration is the most progressive in MANY ways, but especially when it comes to protecting unborn lives. In other words, this administration does not. In fact this administration has gone out of it’s way to clear the path for more abortion, easier abortion, and less regulation and less paperwork for anyone seeking an abortion.

The 2022 Budget has just been proposed and it does not include the Hyde Amendment which has been in the budget since 1977. This amendment is a very big limiter for taxpayer funding on abortion or to abortion providers.

The Hyde Amendment goes back to 1976 when legislators, responding in large part to Roe v Wade, did not think it was appropriate to spend US tax dollars to fund abortions through Medicare. This is because, if you do not agree with abortion, but you are forced to pay taxes, then the taxes you paid would be used for abortion. Therefore you, the taxpayer, are forced to pay for abortion, which you do not agree with. Historically, even the democrats as a whole supported the Hyde amendment up until 2016 when Hillary Clinton was running for president. Current President Joe Biden himself supported Hyde until 2019 as a US senator. At one point he even argued it would be morally wrong to coerce the American tax payer into paying for abortions.

This budget is not yet approved. It still needs to go through congress and we will see if they are able to put Hyde back in, but it doesn’t look great. The house is democrat controlled. The senate is a 50/50 split with Kamala Harris as the tie breaker.

As believers we are responsible for protecting those that cannot protect themselves. There is no better example of this than the unborn. We should pray that our representatives fight to keep taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions.

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