Et Tu, Lego?

Toys, cartoons and breakfast food, is nothing sacred?

They are targeting our children and using kids to do it.

This is not about tolerance, this is not about acceptance, this is not about equity or equality or whatever. This is about destroying the family. When you remake the family outside of the natural order, not only the Biblical order, but the even the biological order, you don’t create something new, you destroy the family.

A family is a man and woman producing a child. Period.That’s what it is. That is what is has been for almost all of human history. That is because, naturally, a man and woman create a child and thereby propagate the human race. Within the context of marriage, the family thrives and passes down morality, ritual, and values and thereby holds up the very fabric of society. When you change the very definition of family or combine genders or something else, you don’t create something new, you have destroyed the family, biologically, not to mention spiritually.

We should protect our kids. We should not teach them to be sexual before they are mature enough for that. We should teach them appropriate virtues. Just as a reminder, pride is NOT a virtue. In the Bible, pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. Pride goes before a fall, among other things.

Even outside the Bible, in Greek writing, hubris, or pride, leads to downfall. In Shakespeare, pride destroys character after character. You can go through author after author. We have known this for a long time, but we ignore it because we want to be our own god, we want to be in charge so no one else can tell us if we are right or wrong.

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