Do you know your rights?

Do you know your rights?

Do you know where rights come from?

Does the government give you rights or is there something bigger than government?

Without clarity on rights it is impossible to have liberty and justice for all!

The question I have today is, did Newton invent gravity?

Well, of course not. He observed what countless people before and after him knew, if something goes up it must go down and there is a natural law that causes this to occur.
Our rights as humans come from a similar law.
We did not invent them. We simply observed them, either in nature or through the revelation of God through his Word, and then, in certain places like America, we codified these rights into documents so we would not forget them.

Now we are in the age of rights, human rights. Everything is a right these days. Not just that which was revealed in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, or codified in the Bill of Rights, but everything. Healthcare, school, wages, sports.

Can EVERYTHING really be a right? Can all rights really come from Nature and Nature’s God as Jefferson wrote in the opening paragraph of the Declaration? This ‘nature’ which Jefferson refers is in fact a reference to the laws of Scripture revealed in nature. Watch the video to hear more!

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