The Fall of the Republic

Many talk about the fall of Rome and what it meant for the world at the time.
Well, functionally we are looking at the fall of the American system.
In many ways it has already happened and now we wait to see what will take its place.
And make no mistake, something will take its place

In the last few months, America elected the most far left President perhaps in American history and regardless of what you think about the election, this signifies that a large part of the country wants this.
They want the leftist policies.
They want the socialism it brings.
They want to be told what to do.
They do not want freedom.

This is the significance.
This is the era we have now entered.
While there may be people who still believe in the ideals of America and the Constitution, the problem is bigger than the politicians.
This is the culmination of decades of education designed specifically to teach kids to hate America.
Now we are seeing the fruit of this.

We no longer believe in God.
We no longer believe in democracy.
This is the fall of the Republic.

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