Coming for your children and burning down churches

The San Fransisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings a song about coming to convert your children and meanwhile people are burning down churches in Canada. Wow, what a week.

Don’t give up, God has a plan!

I spent a lot of time in college at Joshua tree national park exploring, camping, climbing and just sitting in the creation of God marveling at all he has made. If you haven’t been to Joshua Tree it is like God took some rocks and just threw them all over the place. It is beautifulContinue reading “Don’t give up, God has a plan!”

Divisive issues split the baby

Solomon is the wisest man to ever live and he teaches us something about current events. Sometimes you can’t split the baby. Often we hear about the need to compromise to make everyone happy. However, especially in society and when dealing with baseline morality issues, we can’t compromise. We have to stand our ground andContinue reading “Divisive issues split the baby”

Jews, Samaritans and Jesus – What Controversy?!?!

There is a TON of talk about race lately. And Jesus had run ins with race as well. He approached these issues differently than most people are doing today. I want to look at one of my favorite stories of Jesus life and that comes out of John 4. This event holds just about everythingContinue reading “Jews, Samaritans and Jesus – What Controversy?!?!”

Christianity Under Fire

Across many countries, Christianity is being pushed down, which has been happening for 2000 years, but the recent uptick in persecution must be noted and watched to see how the local church and the individual believer are going to respond. America and largely the Western world has been hailed as based on Judeo-Christian roots andContinue reading “Christianity Under Fire”