Christianity Under Fire

Across many countries, Christianity is being pushed down, which has been happening for 2000 years, but the recent uptick in persecution must be noted and watched to see how the local church and the individual believer are going to respond.

America and largely the Western world has been hailed as based on Judeo-Christian roots and this is by and large true.The morality of especially the American form of Government, namely Self Government, is based on Biblical values. Many of the founders expressly stated if we don’t have the values of the Bible undergirding our individual character, this form of government cannot stand. If you cannot self govern individually there is no chance you can self govern on a community or city or country wide scale.

And this is bearing out to be true. Throughout the last century and more, we have abandoned God personally. I’m not talking about being a Christian nation, or talking about the new derogatory term of Christian Nationalism. No, I am just talking about building families, building faith, building each person’s worldview on Biblical values in the same way the founders and many following generations did with their families.

Here’s the bottom line, countries in the west like America, England, Canada all at one time had Judeo-Christian roots in government and held some value for governance based on Biblical worldview. Now, in the vacuum of no foundation, governments are making laws seemingly based on the loudest voices or most powerful voices. And those voices do not have value based on God’s image of each person. Instead, they are making laws and choices and edicts that benefit whomever is their whimsy to benefit. 

Whichever way they go, you can expect more religious persecution, not less as we move into this new, post-Christian age of secular religion.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I hope you will also.

Keep the faith!

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