What can we learn from Peter?

Peter is great to study because he is likable and normal and very human. He is not a saint. He tries hard but constantly fails Jesus. Peter grew up as a good Jew who was ready for a fight.He knew that the Roman occupation was not the way God wanted his people to live andContinue reading “What can we learn from Peter?”

We don’t even speak the same language!?!

Once upon a time there was a group of people who all spoke the same language and they really wanted to accomplish a great thing together so they said, ‘hey let’s build a tower up to the heavens so we can be like God.’ Now the culture is once again trying to divide us withContinue reading “We don’t even speak the same language!?!”

1776-What the administration doesn’t want you to know…

One of the last acts of the previous administration was the creation of the 1776 Commission, an historic look back at the founding of America including the ideals that the courageous men included in the Declaration and the Constitution. You can read the 1776 Commission here. And I highly recommend you do. For those thatContinue reading “1776-What the administration doesn’t want you to know…”