Pro Life Father of 7 Arrested at Gunpoint

A pro life father who makes a habit of trying to help women not kill their babies. As a side note, this dangerous man also helps other men quit their porn addictions. Anyway, this father of 7 was arrested in front of his family at gun point last Friday by 20-30 FBI agents and hauledContinue reading “Pro Life Father of 7 Arrested at Gunpoint”

Woke Spiritual Disciplines

Today on ChurchPublic we have:Woke Spiritual Disciplines – Eating bugs is the new sacrament of the Left.Also:California banning gas cars while also telling people to not charge their electric vehicles.The Satan Club wants your children to join the after school program. We will look at the latest in sports progression. And a few other stories along theContinue reading “Woke Spiritual Disciplines”

Abortion Rituals, FBI Raids and IRS Expansion – This week in NEWS!

Hello Friends, welcome to ChurchPublic!Today we are going to look at some of the stories of interest this week from a Christian Perspective.Today we have an evil priestess showing you how to build an abortion altar, then we move to the newest job description post Roe, lovingly named abortion doula. No, not the doula thatContinue reading “Abortion Rituals, FBI Raids and IRS Expansion – This week in NEWS!”

What is Marriage?

What is Marriage? I know we have been bombarded by the question “What is a Woman” lately and to be fair, that is a supremely important question, but the next question that follows by extension is, “what is marriage?” If we cannot answer any of these fundamental questions as a society, we will not longContinue reading “What is Marriage?”

Baymax TRANS Character?

Disney’s Baymax robot meets a trans person while shopping for feminine products. Also, from a Disney cartoon, two animated male dinosaurs are pretending to have a family by taking care of a rock egg in a nest. The animated children decided to ‘help’ the gay dinosaurs by finding a surrogate egg donor to give toContinue reading “Baymax TRANS Character?”

Advent Week 3 – JOY!

Philippians 4:4 says: “Rejoice in the Lord always! I will say it again, rejoice!”  Are you full of Joy?Why or why not? Joy is the heart of Christmas. And the reason JOY is the heart is because of the good news of great Joy that Jesus has come to earth to save us. Previous Advent Weeks:Continue reading “Advent Week 3 – JOY!”

Kamala breaks the separation between church and state

Vice President Kamala Harris is openly campaigning in around 300 churches via video for the governor’s seat in Virginia. Is this in violation of the wall of separation between church and state? Does this violate the 501c3 non profit status? Is this a blatant double standard? Let’s discuss!

Pro Life Win in Texas and an Atheist University Chaplain

The fight for life continues in the courts and on campus. In Texas as of 12:01a last night, abortion beyond 6 weeks is not legal. This is a HUGE win for the pro life movement. And then we look at one of the first and oldest Christian colleges in America which now holds as itsContinue reading “Pro Life Win in Texas and an Atheist University Chaplain”

Memorial Day

My grandfather served in World War II. I am thankful because he and thousands and thousands of others fought for the freedom I have now. The freedom to speak. The freedom to write. The freedom to criticize. The freedom to worship. Sadly, many people today are not thankful for these freedoms, or perhaps worse, theyContinue reading “Memorial Day”

We don’t even speak the same language!?!

Once upon a time there was a group of people who all spoke the same language and they really wanted to accomplish a great thing together so they said, ‘hey let’s build a tower up to the heavens so we can be like God.’ Now the culture is once again trying to divide us withContinue reading “We don’t even speak the same language!?!”