Faith, Communion and Two Roads

We begin today again talking about the president and the continuing saga of Catholic bishops that are fighting to either accept him as a flawed human or hold him to the standard of the Catholic church.

I’ve been thinking about this issue and I have a few more thoughts so today we are going to talk more theologically and then get to the practical application not only for the President, but for any follower of Jesus.

So this is ultimately not about the fight of the President and the Bishops and the Catholic church, this is about whether you, yes YOU actually follow Jesus. Jesus wants you to be in his kingdom, but you have to make that choice and continue to make that choice.

You don’t get to choose your own religion. You only get to choose to follow Jesus, or not. This idea of liberal Catholic or liberal Christian, or pluralist believer is just, plain, wrong. There is no such thing. You are either on the hard and narrow path, or you are with everyone else, unfortunately headed to destruction. I don’t want you to head that way. God doesn’t want you to head that way. That is why he sent Jesus. That is why we have the Bible in every possible translation and on every smart phone in the world. But you have to choose to get over yourself and let God be God.

Keep the faith.

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