How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!

Today, I am joined by my better half, Bethany to talk about parenting. This is a really important topic right now. In the culture, the value and even definition of family continues to be denigrated so we have to figure out what it looks like to live in a modern day Biblical family. Now, my wife and I don’t have everything figured out. We are working through this parenting thing like everyone else. However, we are very aware that our time with our kids is SUPER short and we NEED to do this the best way we can. So, from very early in our marriage, we began talking about what it would be like to parent well. We have learned a lot. We have made a LOT of mistakes and we also have read a lot of books, listened to a ton of podcasts and met with many parents that are a stage or two ahead of us. We don’t know it all, but we’d love to start a dialogue with anyone who will listen about how to parent together. 

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