Pastoring Students with Nick Henderson

Today I am joined by Student Pastor Nick Henderson to talk about current trends, strategies and difficulties encountered in pastoring students. We also talk about how parents can ‘get in the game’ and be more active in discipling and ministering to their children. Thanks for listening!At Church Public we create compelling content to equip youContinue reading “Pastoring Students with Nick Henderson”

House Abortion Bill and NY Madness!

A new house bill passes that offers nationwide abortion with barely any limits up until the moment of birth in an effort to codify Roe v Wade into an actual law. The new New York Governor calls out her quote ‘apostles.’ And a subway woman takes the cleanup into her own hands. “But in everyContinue reading “House Abortion Bill and NY Madness!”

Killing Babies while the Population Crashes

Texas heartbeat law gets tested by two lawyers Mississippi law will be seen around December by the Supreme Court which may impact the ignominious Roe decision 500 WOMEN’s sport athletes sign pro-abortion letter Meanwhile, the world is experiencing a global population crisis What does this all mean? What can and should we do? Thanks forContinue reading “Killing Babies while the Population Crashes”

CA Church Win, Birthing Persons, and TikTok – ChurchPublic News

Big win in California for Church Freedom! AOC gets confused about birthing people. Tic Tok algorithm shows sex and drugs to teens.

Only Fans Cancels Porn. Or Maybe Not?

OnlyFans, the pornography application, decides to ban pornography from it’s site, then quickly reverses course as they receive cultural pressure from ‘creators’  This culture is obsessed with sex and that is not a good thing.

How to Discipline in Parenting?

Discipline is a really difficult concept in today’s culture of parenting. Some people think that you should just let your child do whatever they want. Others want you to be super strict and keep your child from everything.What’s the best way and what aligns with God’s way?Today Matt and Bethany talk about what they haveContinue reading “How to Discipline in Parenting?”

V@x passports, Clapton, the drummer from Offspring? – What should we do now?

V@x Passports, Eric Clapton, and the drummer from the Offspring, How should we respond?

Gonzo, the American Medical Association and Pelosi

Gonzo goes trans, the American Medical Association doesn’t want to know your gender and Nancy Pelosi is, truly a devout Catholic, right?

How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!

Today, I am joined by my better half, Bethany to talk about parenting. This is a really important topic right now. In the culture, the value and even definition of family continues to be denigrated so we have to figure out what it looks like to live in a modern day Biblical family. Now, myContinue reading “How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!”