Workers of the World UNITE! Wait, not like THAT?!?!

Workers of the World – UNITE!
But not like THAT?!?!?

Full disclosure – I married a Canadian.
If I talk with fondness and love for our friends in the north, it is because I have fondness and love to the extent of living in the same house with one of those foreigners! Therefore my extended, married into, family is also Canadian and I have a great heart for what is happening to that country as well as my own.

That is one reason I have been so vocal about some of the difficult things Canada has faced over the last couple years. From arresting pastors, to burning churches and now to truckers, farmers and regular folk standing up against the tyrannies of the government.

All the while, if you are watching the news, and I strongly suggest you stop that, these truckers and farmers and regular folk are being called racists, white supremacists, and interlopers.

While the videos that are actually coming out of the “protest” show people hugging, laughing, dancing, and even praying.

What does this have to do with America?

Tune in and find out!

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