Abortion is Better Than Adoption?!?!

Abortion is better than adoption?!?! The left has gone so far in this demonic abortion argument that ANY resistance to full abortion on demand at any stage causes them to commit to whatever argument is in front of them, however insane it is. In todays episode, we look at NYT contributor Elizabeth Spiers,  self proclaimedContinue reading “Abortion is Better Than Adoption?!?!”

Truth Hurts. Stop it! New Twitter CEO has plans…

The Truth HurtsTwitter names a new CEO who is interested not in the truth, but in what causes harm, because now we have two different world views when it comes to the truth.  Does the truth actually set you free, or if the truth hurts, should it be removed?

Advent Week 1 – Hope!

Advent is a traditional Christian practice that reminds us how much we need our Savior Jesus Christ. The word Advent means ‘visit’ or ‘arrival’. Today we remember the arrival of Jesus to this world. Many of your kids have the little calendars with chocolate in them marking each day until Christmas. This practice of AdventContinue reading “Advent Week 1 – Hope!”

Waukesha Tragedy and Injustice

The Tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin has left 6 dead and dozens injured. The media is saying things like ‘a car drove through a Christmas parade’ and a ‘tragedy caused by a SUV.’ Is this what happened? Did a random unoccupied vehicle drive itself through a parade?Or was there a driver who intentionally swerved into oldContinue reading “Waukesha Tragedy and Injustice”

Reclaiming Thanksgiving

“For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened.” – Romans 1:21 If you have been watching the news or reading the news or if you are under 40, chances are you were taughtContinue reading “Reclaiming Thanksgiving”

Rittenhouse and Biblical Justice

I am happy that the court of justice has done its job. I am sad that the court of public opinion has been irrevocably damaged by a lying media hellbent on pushing a narrative of hate. Brothers and sisters, we must come together and pursue truth, even when it is uncomfortable. If you are hurtContinue reading “Rittenhouse and Biblical Justice”

LGBT Conservatives? Also, Microsoft and Travis Scott news.

Controversial take: You cannot be Conservative and pro LGBT revolution.LGBTQ and Conservative are mutually exclusive ideas, yet the RNC Pride Coalition has now created moral liberalist conservatism. If that sounds confusing, that’s because it is. We also talk about Microsoft going full woke and the tragic Travis Scott concert. Thanks for listening! At Church PublicContinue reading “LGBT Conservatives? Also, Microsoft and Travis Scott news.”

Huge Wins in Yesterday’s Vote

Huge wins in Yesterday’s vote!First let’s look at Virginia: Glenn Youngkin wins the Governor’s seat, Winsome Sears is elected the Lt Governor and Jason Miyares is the Attorney General – All Republicans. This is a referendum on the cultural Marxist policies the state of Virginia has imposed but it is also a comment on theContinue reading “Huge Wins in Yesterday’s Vote”

People are Better than Puppies

People are better than puppies.And humans are NOT a mistake. Two topics that address the same subject today on Church Public. Calls to Fire Fauci went viral over the last few days because it was discovered that he oversaw the lab where puppies were brutalized tortured all in the name of science. And brutal theseContinue reading “People are Better than Puppies”

Gungor, Simone Biles and the Supreme Court on Abortion – News Roundup

Top stories from July 30th, 2021Gungor – We are all ChristSimone Biles – We are all empatheticAbortion – We are all human? Today we look at how exvangelical Gungor continues to promote a universalist religion while perhaps claiming it is part of Christianity? Also, Simone Biles the gymnast is in the news for leaving theContinue reading “Gungor, Simone Biles and the Supreme Court on Abortion – News Roundup”