The Destruction of Christianity through Inclusion

Inclusion is Destruction.

I know that inclusion is the new buzzword alongside Diversity and Equity, but inclusion generally destroys the thing it invades. Inclusion does not empower, inclusion destroys.

Expanding the definition of Marriage does not grow it, it destroys marriage.

What does marriage even mean anymore?

For all time, it was a man and a woman as a general rule.

Yes, there were some who abused that rule, but that was the rule.

Now, marriage is anything, and anyone, and however many people you want. Inclusion destroyed marriage.

And now the focus is on Christianity. 

Inclusion destroys Christianity, and that is the goal.

Christianity is by definition, Christian.

Half naked men dressed as women in a church or a library or anywhere that children are is not Christian. There is no scriptural argument you can make here.

Yes, Jesus loves people.

However, Jesus calls us ALL to repentance. Luke 5:31-32

Repentance is leaving behind the things of this world to follow Jesus.

You may struggle with sexual sin.

You may struggle with all kind of sin.

Ok, Jesus calls you to repentance and a new life.

The thing you don’t get to do is bring your drag costume into Christianity.

Much less perform for children.

Today we look at some of the problems inclusion is causing in the church.

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