My radio interview about Critical Race Theory and the Bible

I was asked to do a seminar on the definition of Critical Race Theory and how it conflicts with the Biblical Worldview at a church in Pennsylvania. I will be posting more content soon, but here is the radio interview I did on NewsTalk 103.7 FM.

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Cuba is NOT a Socialist Paradise

For the first time in decades, Cuban people en masse are rising up against the authoritarian Communist regime and demanding freedom, and they are being jailed and shot for it, like every other Communist regime has done. What does this mean for us in America?

In this country at the moment we still have some freedoms. We need to use our voices to stand for freedom while we still have it because there are and always be people like Castro who talk with compelling words and yet, as we have seen over 50 years in Cuba, lied and cheated and killed to maintain power, sacrificing the regular people like you and me. 
This matters because Marxism, Socialism, Communism are not compatible with the gospel of Jesus.

Even the very foundation of Marxism is anti-Christianity:
“The first requisite of the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion,” Karl Marx.

Christianity, of course, is centered on God. Marxism, Socialism, Communism are all centered on the state. The state becomes the provider, sustainer, protector, and lawgiver for every citizen. The state is God. For the Christian, the authority is the God of the universe. For Marxism, Socialism and Communism, the government is the authority and they cannot stand any higher authority.

You only get to choose one path, you cannot serve two master, you either choose the state, the government, the rulers, or you choose God. As Joshua many years ago said, “choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24)

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Coming for your children and burning down churches

The San Fransisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings a song about coming to convert your children and meanwhile people are burning down churches in Canada.

Wow, what a week.

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Modesty is Controversial?!?

I have a teenage daughter and honestly this world is a crazy place for her to grow up in, so when I saw the parody video from Christian artist, Matthew West, I literally laughed out loud. Then, I tagged it to show my daughter later, but by the time I came back, the video was deleted, because people were outraged that modesty was promoted?

Seriously people, what?

How can we keep our way pure? By living according to God’s word. – Psalm 119:9 (translation adapted for connotation of context)

The culture has sexualized everything and the Bible speaks directly against that.

This is why I wanted to bring this issue forward today.

Part of Living as a believer

Part of leading as a father or mother

Part of being a brother or sister or son or daughter

is to lead people TO Christ.

We need to be modest, whether male or female.

We need to be pure, whether male or female.

You should be leading the culture instead of letting the culture lead you. That is what we are called to do as believers. Over and over and over I am going to say to you that we need to not only KNOW the truth but to live it. But you need to know this will put you squarely against culture. They will try and silence you. They will fight you. They will hate you.

And Christ will love you because you stood for him.

Keep the Faith!

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Don’t give up, God has a plan!

I spent a lot of time in college at Joshua tree national park exploring, camping, climbing and just sitting in the creation of God marveling at all he has made. If you haven’t been to Joshua Tree it is like God took some rocks and just threw them all over the place. It is beautiful and sometimes hot and very much a desert. The one thing it doesn’t have a lot of is water. Sometimes you can feel like that desert in your soul. You feel dry and alone and unable to go on, yet God has a plan for your life. 

Today’s reading comes from Isaiah 35 and Oswald Chamber’s book, My Utmost for His Highest.

I hope you are inspired to chase after God with passion and urgency as he begins to use you to grow his Kingdom.

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Divisive issues split the baby

Solomon is the wisest man to ever live and he teaches us something about current events. Sometimes you can’t split the baby. Often we hear about the need to compromise to make everyone happy. However, especially in society and when dealing with baseline morality issues, we can’t compromise.

We have to stand our ground and insist that there is a difference between right and wrong. Truth can be known, even if unpopular and we have to, grace-fully, present this truth to culture.

In the spirit of the 4th of July we are free, but not just in this country, though that is nice.No, we are free because Christ has set us free. Galatians 5 tells us this. But we cannot have freedom if we keep living in our old ways.When we found new life in Christ, we are supposed to accept our new life. If we keep living in our old ways, then we are not living in new life.

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Pilgrims, the Declaration and George Washington – Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope that you will be celebrating with your family and friends in the spirit of liberty and more importantly in the Spirit of the God who provides all our blessings. Today, instead of looking at the present we are going to look to the past to inform not only how we got here, but also to give insight to how we can follow God in everything we do today.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. – James 1:17

Though this culture is miles from where it was and may or may not ever be again, you, your family and perhaps even your community can seek after Jesus and like others before, quite literally change the world.

God Bless America, God bless you and Keep the Faith!

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Lord of the…Intersectional Identities?

JRR Tolkien was not only the prolific writer of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series, he was a lifetime Catholic who also had the pleasure of leading CS Lewis to Jesus Christ. The Tolkien Society, of which Tolkien himself was once president, is celebrating his works with a series of essays including: “Transgender Realities in The Lord of the Rings,” “The Queer in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings,” “Tolkien’s Dwarf-Women and the ‘Feminine Lack,'” and “Destabilizing Cishetero Amatonormativity in the Works of Tolkien.”

Suffice to say, none of these themes are actually in the Tolkien’s works but this is another example of the current culture reading into the past history their own preferred future. If that is confusing, that is the point. The point is confusing you so you just go along with this new culture worldview.

I humbly suggest, you don’t go along and you push back like the new Society of Tolkien has been doing.

This story helps us remember that we do have the ability to affect the culture. Our role is not to slink back into the shadows, but rather to stand up and stand firm against false truth and retelling of history. 

We can stand in the Truth of Jesus.

As Pontius Pilate asked Jesus 2000 years ago and culture asks today, ‘What is Truth?,’ (John 18) we must be ready with the same statement that Jesus presented – ‘I am the way, the Truth, and the life.’ There is no other way.

Keep the Faith!

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Jews, Samaritans and Jesus – What Controversy?!?!

There is a TON of talk about race lately.

And Jesus had run ins with race as well. He approached these issues differently than most people are doing today. I want to look at one of my favorite stories of Jesus life and that comes out of John 4. This event holds just about everything you need to know about God and worship and Jesus and race and sin and judgment and love.

Almost every news story I read has a racial component. This is sad because we are supposed to see each other as image bearers of God first, and literally everything else second.

Galatians 3:28There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

So how did Jesus handle a tense situation? Listen to the podcast and find out!

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Christianity Under Fire

Across many countries, Christianity is being pushed down, which has been happening for 2000 years, but the recent uptick in persecution must be noted and watched to see how the local church and the individual believer are going to respond.

America and largely the Western world has been hailed as based on Judeo-Christian roots and this is by and large true.The morality of especially the American form of Government, namely Self Government, is based on Biblical values. Many of the founders expressly stated if we don’t have the values of the Bible undergirding our individual character, this form of government cannot stand. If you cannot self govern individually there is no chance you can self govern on a community or city or country wide scale.

And this is bearing out to be true. Throughout the last century and more, we have abandoned God personally. I’m not talking about being a Christian nation, or talking about the new derogatory term of Christian Nationalism. No, I am just talking about building families, building faith, building each person’s worldview on Biblical values in the same way the founders and many following generations did with their families.

Here’s the bottom line, countries in the west like America, England, Canada all at one time had Judeo-Christian roots in government and held some value for governance based on Biblical worldview. Now, in the vacuum of no foundation, governments are making laws seemingly based on the loudest voices or most powerful voices. And those voices do not have value based on God’s image of each person. Instead, they are making laws and choices and edicts that benefit whomever is their whimsy to benefit. 

Whichever way they go, you can expect more religious persecution, not less as we move into this new, post-Christian age of secular religion.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I hope you will also.

Keep the faith!

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