People are Better than Puppies

People are better than puppies.
And humans are NOT a mistake.

Two topics that address the same subject today on Church Public.

Calls to Fire Fauci went viral over the last few days because it was discovered that he oversaw the lab where puppies were brutalized tortured all in the name of science. And brutal these experiments were. Cutting their vocal cords. Putting flesh eating sand flies on them to literally eat them alive. This is all terrible. 
But it strikes me that THIS is the thing that ‘may’ bring Fauci down.

What about all the things he has done to humans, and babies, and our kids?

Then we look at a lady who sterilized herself because ‘humans are a mistake’ and no one should have babies to save the planet.

It should go without saying that a planet without people is just a watery rock. This planet has value precisely because there are people on it.

You have worth because you are made in the image of God – Genesis 1:28
And Children are a blessing from the Lord – Psalm 127

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