God is QUEER. Wait, What?!

More and more I am coming across seriously weird stories of churches, pastors and now divinity schools claiming God is queer or non binary or gay or some such nonsense.

So, reluctantly I feel the need to wade into the heresy and try and figure out what in the kingdom of God is going on.

Why? I know you are asking why. Why does this matter?

I don’t go to these churches. I don’t serve under these pastors.

I don’t send my children to a weird college.

First, I have found that the majority of parents and students have NO idea what goes on at schools. Most think it is just like the party days of yore with animal house like toga parties and an occasional beer fest.

I am really sad to say, that is NOT AT ALL what is happening on campuses across America and increasingly in “Christian” or once upon a time Christian institutions.

More and more I am seeing stories like the one we will look at today of a “Divinity School” actively promoting the idea that God is in fact Gay or Queer or something. And the bigger issue is that they are preaching that God not only loves you, which he does, but he APPROVES of your lifestyle, which he does not. And I am not singling anyone out here. 

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

That is the glorious message of the gospel. You are NOT good enough but Jesus loves you and died for you and if you follow HIM, HE makes you holy.

These pastors and leaders are preaching the opposite message as you’ll see.

They are preaching that you are who you are and that is how you should STAY. That is not the gospel of Jesus. That is another gospel, one with a far different ending.

And this is unfortunately not surprising.

The youngest generation has been counted with at least 1 in 5 identifying as LGBTQAAIP+ and the numbers in some surveys are way higher than that.

So it is not surprising at all that this generation, raised on CRT and LGBT ideology in the classroom for years really wants to further that identity into a spiritual realm and unfortunately the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not contain that ideology. So what is a lost person, with an LGBT+ identity to do?

Well, petition the school to start a Divinity Pride cult at a 150 year old Christian school, obviously.

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