The Free Speech Battle

We have an interesting convergence of stories today.

On the one hand we have a tech billionaire who has driven the radical left crazy by forcing free speech on a social media site.

Well, really, he hasn’t done anything, but by the crazy, unhinged reaction by the media, celebrities, and randos on twitter, you’d think he sat people in a chair and forced them to say that a man is a woman or something.

Anywho, Elon Musk has purchased twitter in an attempt to free the speech that so clearly has been censored on one side of the argument.

In another story of religious liberty in America, a football coach was fired for praying on the field several years ago and now, just now, the Supreme Court takes the case and it looks like, perhaps he will win.

Elections matter because policy matters because people matter and those that rule over the policy, namely the Judges and Justices of the court, make a HUGE difference whether you really have free speech and free religion, or not.

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