Two Ways to Deal with Polarization

I see the polarization of America speeding up day by day.

People cannot talk anymore.

And this is creating two opposite camps.

One camp ignores all the issues. I have heard many people say something like this, “I don’t want to know what is going on. It is just to frustrating or emotional, or scary, so I just ignore everything.”

The other camp engages but is overly aggressive. This person just wants to start an internet fight constantly.

Neither of these camps is good or healthy. We need to know what is happening in the world AND we need to maintain composure as we fulfill our purpose. This is a difficult task in light of the recent polarization, but it can be done.

What is a Christian is supposed to do in light of this cultural meltdown that we are a part of in real time. Whether you like it or not, you will be forced to take a position.

The time for sitting on the sidelines is coming to an end.

Here are two ways to deal with polarization as a Christian.

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