Is Biden really the SOUL of America?

Well before the industrial revolution and the advent of the automobile, towns were organized in a vastly different way. If you go to many towns across western europe and even in the colonies of America, you will see a church at the center of the town. Why? Because the church was the center of the community. People were married and buried there. People gathered there every week. If there were problems, the church bells would signal to the town that there was something wrong. There were even many towns where you could not build anything higher than the church steeple.

Now we have cities with metal and glass buildings that stretch toward the heavens where people are disconnected from the realities of life and love and faith and community. My question is this, which seems more like the tower of Babel and which seems more like a community of people with common interests?

The church has a role in the community and in the nation. One of those roles is to sound the alarm when the government goes off the rails of morality just like the old church bells ringing. Currently, most churches don’t even have bells, or much less people who are willing to stand up for what is right and true against the immorality of culture.

This week, President Biden gave a speech in which HE claimed to be the soul of America. But is this correct? Is the leader of any nation really representative of the ‘soul’ of the nation? Or is there a problem with this whole foundation?

Let’s take a look today as we remember why America is different and what this speech claims for you and me.

The History of America is clearly a Christian one.

I’ve spent countless hours talking about this, and it is very clearly true. From founder to founder they have most all discussed the morality that is needed to be self governed and keep the nation in line.

Even to take a 20 second detour into scripture, Paul spends a good amount of time through most all of his letters talking about how we are to have self- control. And self government is not possible without self control. You could even make the case that self control and self government are synonyms.

Regardless, today before we listen to some of the clips from Biden’s speech which may have been the most inflammatory presidential speech in history and that is not an overstatement, before we get there I wanted to give a brief reminder about what the soul of our nation and in fact any nation is really supposed to be.

And the short answer is the church.

The church is supposed to be the soul, or the conscience, of the nation, of any nation. Here’s how and why.

The government is supposed to set up boundaries for freedom and justice and protection of its citizens. The government can regulate morality through legislation, but the government does NOT create morality. It is woefully incapable of doing so.

Why? Because morality does not come from the government. 

Morality precedes the government because our rights, values, faith and sense of right and wrong come from God.

Therefore, it actually should be perfectly reasonable that the assembly of God, the church, is the structure responsible for the morality of society. IE, the conscience of the nation.

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