Jesus IS God!

Recently I received a comment that Jesus never claimed to be God and never asked to be worshipped. This one hit me sideways, because, clearly Jesus did claim to be God. Many times. Actually his claim to be God is why he was crucified by the Jews. They were so upset by his claims toContinue reading “Jesus IS God!”

Immortality Immorality!

The transportation czar tells us that he is going to eliminate ALL motor vehicle deaths allowing us to live forever. As long as we don’t drive. Meanwhile, a woman yells at a man on an elevator and I discuss how Pride is making people deny reality. Welcome to Church Public where we look at CurrentContinue reading “Immortality Immorality!”

Wait, What is Conversion Therapy?

Welcome to Church Public where we look at Current Events from a Christian Perspective! Today:Bill C4 goes into law in Canada banning Conversion Therapy.What is it and why does it matter? 4000 pastors sign up to preach Biblical Sexuality. And John MacArthur gets banned on Youtube for preaching the Bible. Thanks for listening! At ChurchContinue reading “Wait, What is Conversion Therapy?”

The People Said Nothing

“How long will you waiver between two opinions?If the Lord id God, follow himBut if Baal is god, follow him….but the people said nothing.” Today we look at a Bible story that is one of my favorites from the Old Testament. Sure David and Goliath is good and Jonah is incredible, but this story tellsContinue reading “The People Said Nothing”

Advent Week 5 – CHRIST!

Advent celebrates the arrival of Jesus into the world and all he that brings us!This is week 5, which is all about Jesus. If you have been listening this month, we have talked about Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and now today we talk about Jesus Christ. This is the traditional Advent progression and I wantedContinue reading “Advent Week 5 – CHRIST!”

C4 Detonates in Canada

Bill C4 has just passed all of the legislation in Canada and the potential consequences for the church are explosive. We have been talking about Truth for a long time now. Truth is important. Many people think the Bible says ‘all you need is love.’ That was the Beatles, not Jesus. Now we are reapingContinue reading “C4 Detonates in Canada”

Abortion Sanctuary State and Notre Dame Reno

What is an abortion sanctuary?Seems like this is an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp or intelligent politician. Not only does Sanctuary reference the holy place of the church, but it also historically refers to the protection of those seeking refuge from people attempting to do them harm. The definition, like so many others, has done aContinue reading “Abortion Sanctuary State and Notre Dame Reno”

Advent Week 2 – PEACE!

 “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright. Round yon virgin, mother and Child, Holy Infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.” Week 2 of Advent here at Church Public. This week we are talking about Peace. The peace of Christ. The peace that Jesus brings thatContinue reading “Advent Week 2 – PEACE!”

Advent Week 1 – Hope!

Advent is a traditional Christian practice that reminds us how much we need our Savior Jesus Christ. The word Advent means ‘visit’ or ‘arrival’. Today we remember the arrival of Jesus to this world. Many of your kids have the little calendars with chocolate in them marking each day until Christmas. This practice of AdventContinue reading “Advent Week 1 – Hope!”

Rittenhouse and Biblical Justice

I am happy that the court of justice has done its job. I am sad that the court of public opinion has been irrevocably damaged by a lying media hellbent on pushing a narrative of hate. Brothers and sisters, we must come together and pursue truth, even when it is uncomfortable. If you are hurtContinue reading “Rittenhouse and Biblical Justice”