Your Job or Your Faith, Choose One

What if you had to choose your job or your faith?Which one would you choose.The answer may be more difficult than you think… Today on ChurchPublic, Current Events from a Christian Perspective: Australian Football CEO forced to resign after one day on the job because he volunteers at a church that talks about, wait forContinue reading “Your Job or Your Faith, Choose One”


We used to be able to understand the basic difference between right and wrong. We used to understand the value of a family and a baby.When we said love your neighbor, that did not mean to kill them. Today on ChurchPublic:California governor uses the words of Jesus to promote abortion vacations.A MSNBC host condemns youContinue reading “Was Jesus PRO-ABORTION?”

China Limits Abortion?!?

Today on ChurchPublic, current events from a Christian Perspective: CA church fined over 200k for the great crime of having worship services during the lockdown has fines dropped.While America battles over whether to save babies from the moment of conception or to kill them after they are born, China is creating more and more RESTRICTIONSContinue reading “China Limits Abortion?!?”

Leave my KIDS ALONE!

Welcome to Church Public, Current events from a Christian Perspective. Today we learn It’s ok to try and stab a Governor or attempt to murder a Supreme Court Justice, as long as they are conservative. Los Angeles Unified School District encourages kids to experiment with pronouns and other LGBT ideas. In AZ, you no longerContinue reading “Leave my KIDS ALONE!”

AOC’s Invisible Handcuffs?

Just imagine, you are in the desert, and you have walked all day and you are dying of thirst, you see a pool of water up ahead. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. You need the water, you are dying for the water. You are tired and hot and thirsty andContinue reading “AOC’s Invisible Handcuffs?”

Pregnancy Care Center or Torture Chamber?

Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t like mothers or babies and apparently thinks pregnancy centers are some kind of medieval torture chamber where pregnant ‘persons’ go in and never return. Also, what is a pregnant person? Senators on the Hill have a conversation with a pro abortion law professor from UC Berkeley and the responses are… interesting.Continue reading “Pregnancy Care Center or Torture Chamber?”

Pro Abort Group puts up Bounty for Supreme Court Justices

Current Events from a Christian Perspective News from July 12, 2022 Biden issues an Executive Order for more abortions. The Church of England forgets what a ‘woman’ is. Pro Abortion group puts up a bounty for Supreme Court Justices. And the Surprising Case for Marrying Young! This is ChurchPublic! Thanks for watching! Thanks for listening!Continue reading “Pro Abort Group puts up Bounty for Supreme Court Justices”

More Pregnancy Center Attacks

Pregnancy centers are under fire. Facebook says the attackers are actually terrorists, which is great, but will they do anything? Senator Warren, says they have to “crack down on pregnancy centers…” because apparently helping women is bad, but what is a woman? And, Biden says he’ll remove the filibuster to pass nationwide abortion laws, because…democracy!Continue reading “More Pregnancy Center Attacks”

Roe is No More!

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Roe v Wade has got to… oh, nevermind it’s already gone! In unbelievable news, Roe v Wade and its ugly stepchild Planned Parenthood v Casey have both been overruled and struck down. It was pointed out, if you are not yet 50 years old like me, this is the first weekContinue reading “Roe is No More!”

Rep Win in TX, Pelosi is VERY Catholic and Drag Birds?

For the first time in 150 years a Republican wins in South Texas running on a simple, but effective slogan of God, Family and Country. Pelosi again tells us how super duper all the way, VERY Catholic she is, while promoting abortion on demand with no limits. And finally we learn morality from a manContinue reading “Rep Win in TX, Pelosi is VERY Catholic and Drag Birds?”