Afganistan is Fallen – We Must Pray.

Afganistan has fallen in perhaps the worst government administration military mistake since at least the ‘end’ of the Vietnam war in 1975. Why does this matter to us? Also, Haiti is shaken by another massive earthquake, this time bigger than the one on 2010. Thanks for listening to Church Public.

Don’t Breathe on Me, Vxd Churches and Tarot Christianity?

The authorities are now telling you when to breathe and talk, you must be vaxxd to go to church and tarot card christianity? Here are some of the verses I reference today: James 5:13-15 Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointingContinue reading “Don’t Breathe on Me, Vxd Churches and Tarot Christianity?”

Do as I say not as I do-Obama, Lightfoot, & AOC

Do as I say not as I do. A mantra as old as civilization.You may have heard it from your parents or grandparents but now you hear it everyday from your exalted leaders. They think they are better than you and that you won’t notice they don’t even follow their own rules. James 1:22 –Continue reading “Do as I say not as I do-Obama, Lightfoot, & AOC”

How to Discipline in Parenting?

Discipline is a really difficult concept in today’s culture of parenting. Some people think that you should just let your child do whatever they want. Others want you to be super strict and keep your child from everything.What’s the best way and what aligns with God’s way?Today Matt and Bethany talk about what they haveContinue reading “How to Discipline in Parenting?”

V@x passports, Clapton, the drummer from Offspring? – What should we do now?

V@x Passports, Eric Clapton, and the drummer from the Offspring, How should we respond?

Trans Weightlifter Fails, Olympic Wrestler Celebrates and CDC gets more Power

Olympic trans weightlifter failed lift attempts during competition, Olympic wrestler wins gold, praises God and thanks America, and the CDC gains more power. Thanks for listening to Church Public!

Gonzo, the American Medical Association and Pelosi

Gonzo goes trans, the American Medical Association doesn’t want to know your gender and Nancy Pelosi is, truly a devout Catholic, right?

How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!

Today, I am joined by my better half, Bethany to talk about parenting. This is a really important topic right now. In the culture, the value and even definition of family continues to be denigrated so we have to figure out what it looks like to live in a modern day Biblical family. Now, myContinue reading “How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!”

Gungor, Simone Biles and the Supreme Court on Abortion – News Roundup

Top stories from July 30th, 2021Gungor – We are all ChristSimone Biles – We are all empatheticAbortion – We are all human? Today we look at how exvangelical Gungor continues to promote a universalist religion while perhaps claiming it is part of Christianity? Also, Simone Biles the gymnast is in the news for leaving theContinue reading “Gungor, Simone Biles and the Supreme Court on Abortion – News Roundup”

News Roundup – Churches Burning, CDC and the Border

Churches are still burning in Canada, the CDC gives new mask guidance even when vaccinated and the border continues to surge with illegal crossings.