Philosophy Friday – Socrates and Paul

Modern America is much like Ancient Athens. Yeah, I know that sounds impossible and no, we don’t speak Greek or wear funny robes, but the way we speak is still, after thousands of years, much the same. I’d like to tell you a story about Socrates, the Epicureans and Stoics, and the Apostle Paul. WeContinue reading “Philosophy Friday – Socrates and Paul”

Witches, Tarot and Spells: What could go wrong?

It seems that the culture is increasingly spiritual, but not in a Biblical way. Today we are looking at the rise in witchcraft, tarot and spells and what God thinks of all of that. (Spoiler: God doesn’t love it.) Many surveys and smarter people than me have made the observation that we are now inContinue reading “Witches, Tarot and Spells: What could go wrong?”

What Makes a Family?

The definition of ‘Family’ continues to drift into strange places.  So today we look at where the world wants to take the family, and how God actually created us. Our role, as followers of Jesus, is to follow. You’ve heard pop stars say ‘I was born this way,’ and I agree. We are born aContinue reading “What Makes a Family?”

Good News! More Protection for Innocent Lives!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. (Jeremiah 1:5) We have great news today in the pursuit of protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Every life has value and today we are looking at some good news in the pursuit of protecting life! Texas bans abortion if a heartbeat can be detected.Continue reading “Good News! More Protection for Innocent Lives!”

What can we learn from Peter?

Peter is great to study because he is likable and normal and very human. He is not a saint. He tries hard but constantly fails Jesus. Peter grew up as a good Jew who was ready for a fight.He knew that the Roman occupation was not the way God wanted his people to live andContinue reading “What can we learn from Peter?”

We don’t even speak the same language!?!

Once upon a time there was a group of people who all spoke the same language and they really wanted to accomplish a great thing together so they said, ‘hey let’s build a tower up to the heavens so we can be like God.’ Now the culture is once again trying to divide us withContinue reading “We don’t even speak the same language!?!”