V@x passports, Clapton, the drummer from Offspring? – What should we do now?

V@x Passports, Eric Clapton, and the drummer from the Offspring, How should we respond?

Trans Weightlifter Fails, Olympic Wrestler Celebrates and CDC gets more Power

Olympic trans weightlifter failed lift attempts during competition, Olympic wrestler wins gold, praises God and thanks America, and the CDC gains more power. Thanks for listening to Church Public!

Gonzo, the American Medical Association and Pelosi

Gonzo goes trans, the American Medical Association doesn’t want to know your gender and Nancy Pelosi is, truly a devout Catholic, right?

How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!

Today, I am joined by my better half, Bethany to talk about parenting. This is a really important topic right now. In the culture, the value and even definition of family continues to be denigrated so we have to figure out what it looks like to live in a modern day Biblical family. Now, myContinue reading “How to Parent in this CRAZY world?!?!”

Gungor, Simone Biles and the Supreme Court on Abortion – News Roundup

Top stories from July 30th, 2021Gungor – We are all ChristSimone Biles – We are all empatheticAbortion – We are all human? Today we look at how exvangelical Gungor continues to promote a universalist religion while perhaps claiming it is part of Christianity? Also, Simone Biles the gymnast is in the news for leaving theContinue reading “Gungor, Simone Biles and the Supreme Court on Abortion – News Roundup”

Come on, Converse? Satan, really?

Wow, am I disappointed to find out that Converse sold out to, well, the devil. I’ve been a Converse shoe wearer since at least the 80s. That’s 1980s for you young ones out there. And I know, devil worship is nothing new, but seriously, what is this trend with shoes lately? You had Lil NasContinue reading “Come on, Converse? Satan, really?”

News Roundup – Churches Burning, CDC and the Border

Churches are still burning in Canada, the CDC gives new mask guidance even when vaccinated and the border continues to surge with illegal crossings.

Should you pay for the sins of the past?

Are you responsible for the sins of your relatives or your racial ancestors? There are many out there today who are claiming you are responsible for the sins of your father or great grandfather or great great great great grandfather. Is this Biblical? There are pastors out there that claim this idea comes from theContinue reading “Should you pay for the sins of the past?”

Critical Race Theory is the Opposite of the Gospel

Critical Race Theory was created in the 70s by lawyers to address racism but the roots go much deeper back to Marxism and Socialism and Communism. CRT is much more than a theory looking at a problem, it has evolved into a worldview that affects and infects all parts of life from schools to corporationsContinue reading “Critical Race Theory is the Opposite of the Gospel”

All laws are moral

All laws regulate morality. Conservatism seeks to protect the idea that morality comes from God and then it keeps legislation focused on this priority. More and more, conservatism has gone out to lunch with people that are really not, by definition, conserving. If you are an adult film performer or if you are a manContinue reading “All laws are moral”