The People Said Nothing

“How long will you waiver between two opinions?If the Lord id God, follow himBut if Baal is god, follow him….but the people said nothing.” Today we look at a Bible story that is one of my favorites from the Old Testament. Sure David and Goliath is good and Jonah is incredible, but this story tellsContinue reading “The People Said Nothing”

SCOTUS Win! and SATAN in Schools?

HUGE Supreme Court win against Jab Mandates for businesses. And President Biden misquotes scripture while trying to pass a nationwide voting bill. Meanwhile, 800,000 illegal aliens in New York now can vote.And in DC, you have to show your papers to eat, or do anything, so that’s nice. Finally, the Satanic Temple wants your elementary schoolContinue reading “SCOTUS Win! and SATAN in Schools?”

Mass Formation Psychosis is Real.

Do you notice some people around you are walking zombies that blindly follow whatever the “experts” say?  Does it seem like no matter what science changes or what common sense or facts you say, it doesn’t matter and those indoctrinated just continue to suspend belief and follow blindly? Does this sound like some sort ofContinue reading “Mass Formation Psychosis is Real.”

Go Woke, Go Broke

A pithy saying some of us have heard and been using for a while, but sadly, it holds truth. Today we have to highlight two flagship organizations that have recently moved away from the gospel tenant of being “in the world and not of it,” to something more like, “following Jesus is hard, let’s doContinue reading “Go Woke, Go Broke”

Top 5 Pandemic Songs!

Today we do something a little different: We are going to rank the top 5 Pandemic Songs! With classics like: Wear a Mask Joe Byron Somewhere past the pandemic And more! Thanks for listening!

Omicron Takes Over

As the tidal wave of omicron crashes over the whole world, the dam built by the religion of science is cracking. And we are here to pick up the pieces.  Today we look at the religious, I mean, science leaders and how they have changed their tune in the wake of the latest round.

2022 – A New HOPE!

Happy New Year!God is still God.Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Though the world is going quickly toward the cliff of secular humanism, or whatever you want to call it, we can still see God working, even in the chaos and the brokenness. Today let’s talk about two: – Haiti Missionary Escape!– TornadoContinue reading “2022 – A New HOPE!”

Advent Week 5 – CHRIST!

Advent celebrates the arrival of Jesus into the world and all he that brings us!This is week 5, which is all about Jesus. If you have been listening this month, we have talked about Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and now today we talk about Jesus Christ. This is the traditional Advent progression and I wantedContinue reading “Advent Week 5 – CHRIST!”

Advent Week 4 – LOVE!

Advent celebrates the arrival of Jesus into the world and all that brings us!This is day 4 – Love “O Holy Night”Truly He taught us to love one another; His law is love and His gospel is peace. If you want to know how to love one another, look at the love that sent Jesus.ThatContinue reading “Advent Week 4 – LOVE!”

C4 Detonates in Canada

Bill C4 has just passed all of the legislation in Canada and the potential consequences for the church are explosive. We have been talking about Truth for a long time now. Truth is important. Many people think the Bible says ‘all you need is love.’ That was the Beatles, not Jesus. Now we are reapingContinue reading “C4 Detonates in Canada”