Your Children Are Belong To Me?

Your Children are Belong to Me? Biden says that your children belong to the teachers, not to the parents? Is that really true?Is that right? We have given our children to Caesar and expected them to come back belonging to Christ. Now is the time. Train your child in the way they should go. ProvContinue reading “Your Children Are Belong To Me?”

SCOTUS Win! and SATAN in Schools?

HUGE Supreme Court win against Jab Mandates for businesses. And President Biden misquotes scripture while trying to pass a nationwide voting bill. Meanwhile, 800,000 illegal aliens in New York now can vote.And in DC, you have to show your papers to eat, or do anything, so that’s nice. Finally, the Satanic Temple wants your elementary schoolContinue reading “SCOTUS Win! and SATAN in Schools?”

Does CRT Exist?!?!

I’ve received a bunch of confused messages and have been talking about CRT for some time, but wanted again to try and wind through the confusion. And there is a lot of confusion, especially after the Virginia election. The message is:Critical Race Theory, while not ever taught in any schools is really super important andContinue reading “Does CRT Exist?!?!”