Faith, Communion and Two Roads

We begin today again talking about the president and the continuing saga of Catholic bishops that are fighting to either accept him as a flawed human or hold him to the standard of the Catholic church. I’ve been thinking about this issue and I have a few more thoughts so today we are going toContinue reading “Faith, Communion and Two Roads”

They always want fewer people!

Why does the left always want to have fewer people on this earth? They consistently vote for and propose and fight for measures that remove people from the planet. My value, and this is based on Biblical value, is to allow the most people the best life possible. God has created every human soul uniqueContinue reading “They always want fewer people!”

The Road to Hell

Jesus says, “I am the vine and you are the branches.” We are made to be connected to Jesus and our identity is an outgrowth of God as we are made in the image of God. The world continues to tell you that you should just ‘be yourself,’ but there is no discussion of howContinue reading “The Road to Hell”

Are Fathers Even Necessary?!?

Happy Father’s Day!
First of all, we thank you and love all you fathers out there for all you do! We would not be here without you and you are worth celebrating!
Unfortunately, there are those in this culture who do not feel the same. Today we are going to look at why the culture hates fathers and wants, more than anything, to get rid of them.
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Do you know your rights?

Do you know your rights? Do you know where rights come from? Does the government give you rights or is there something bigger than government? Without clarity on rights it is impossible to have liberty and justice for all! The question I have today is, did Newton invent gravity? Well, of course not. He observedContinue reading “Do you know your rights?”

Leave my kids ALONE!

The corporations, the kids channels, the toy companies, the cereal companies just won’t leave my kids alone. They seem to think they know better than I do about how to parent my kids. Sorry, no, my responsibility is to protect my children from¬† ideas and ideologies, especially sexual ones, that they are not mature enoughContinue reading “Leave my kids ALONE!”

I pledge allegiance to the flag,

But I’m just not sure which one… The American flag represents the country and the values therein. To put another flag up with the American flag at a US Embassy, is to give the full weight of the country of America and all of its values. This says the additional flag is of the sameContinue reading “I pledge allegiance to the flag,”

Et Tu, Lego?

Toys, cartoons and breakfast food, is nothing sacred? They are targeting our children and using kids to do it. This is not about tolerance, this is not about acceptance, this is not about equity or equality or whatever.¬†This is about destroying the family. When you remake the family outside of the natural order, not onlyContinue reading “Et Tu, Lego?”

Cena, China and Christianity-What’s the Connection?

What is John Cena in trouble for in China? Why does China even matter here in America?Why should this matter to me? Let’s take a look at the new Fast and Furious controversy sweeping the Far East. Many of you may remember a previous president harping on china over and over and over again. WellContinue reading “Cena, China and Christianity-What’s the Connection?”