The Father Crisis

Good news!

Because of the 6 week abortion ban in Texas and other laws around the country like it, thousands of babies have been saved this year alone.

But that is not enough. Innocent lives are still being taken every day before they take their first breath and men, you can do more than you think about it.

Recently a study from CareNet and Lifeway Research showed that men have a FAR greater influence on whether their partner gets an abortion or not. This news was even surprising to me and we need to talk about it.

Men, it is time to stand up. There is no more time for waiting, for relaxing, for cruising. It is time to work. Not just at ‘work’ but work in life, work in your family, work out your faith.

This episode is aimed at men, because it is time to stand up and against this culture.

However, if you are a woman, you should listen too.

If you are a wife, give this message to your husband.

If you are dating, give this to your boyfriend to listen.

Men need to hear this message.

Adolescence has lasted far too long and we have allowed boys to stay boys forever, just like Peter Pan. This is not how it should be.

We have a crisis and we have an opportunity.

Thanks for listening!

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