Conduct Unbecoming a Prime Minister?

We are more polarized than ever and there is a specific reason for that. The internet has made life more homogenous, the same attracts the same. No longer do you have to live in the community where you actually live. You can associate with those you agree with and you never have to see theContinue reading “Conduct Unbecoming a Prime Minister?”

Do the Ends Justify the Means?

If an asteroid was heading toward earth, what would you do? Would you do anything necessary to stop it no matter how bad that thing is? Today we hear from an atheist who states this very clearly and it is an important lesson to hear, because this is what many on the left and theContinue reading “Do the Ends Justify the Means?”

China Limits Abortion?!?

Today on ChurchPublic, current events from a Christian Perspective: CA church fined over 200k for the great crime of having worship services during the lockdown has fines dropped.While America battles over whether to save babies from the moment of conception or to kill them after they are born, China is creating more and more RESTRICTIONSContinue reading “China Limits Abortion?!?”

Learning from Ancient Kings

Today on ChurchPublic we are looking at an ancient king and we will see what we can learn about culture, God and our faith. Thanks for watching! Thanks for listening! At Church Public we create compelling content to equip you to follow Jesus and engage in the public square.

Abortion Rituals, FBI Raids and IRS Expansion – This week in NEWS!

Hello Friends, welcome to ChurchPublic!Today we are going to look at some of the stories of interest this week from a Christian Perspective.Today we have an evil priestess showing you how to build an abortion altar, then we move to the newest job description post Roe, lovingly named abortion doula. No, not the doula thatContinue reading “Abortion Rituals, FBI Raids and IRS Expansion – This week in NEWS!”

NEWS ROUNDUP – August 8th

Current Events from a Christian Perspective! Today on ChurchPublic: 80 year old grandma kicked out of the women’s locker room at the YMCA because she didn’t want to share it with a man. Monkey pox is declared a national health emergency UK veteran arrested for a meme that caused anxiety and Desantis fires a stateContinue reading “NEWS ROUNDUP – August 8th”

Al Qaeda, School Lunches and Magic Mushrooms, Oh My!

Al Qaeda leader is killed by drone strike which is good for the war on terror.However, he was in Afghanistan, which is bad, because we left there in a hurry and apparently he was just leading the high life in a nice place downtown. School lunch ladies may be out of a job because theContinue reading “Al Qaeda, School Lunches and Magic Mushrooms, Oh My!”

What Recession?

Welcome to ChurchPublic, current events from a Christian Perspective. First up – What is a Recession? According to the Biden White house, it doesn’t exist. Next, we look at the latest music news where T Swift is in trouble with the climate police for producing too much CO2 with her jet set lifestyle. Youtube isContinue reading “What Recession?”

ATTACKS on Pregnancy Centers and other SPIRITUAL BATTLES

ChurchPublic – Current Events from a Christian Perspective.On today’s show we look at the 75+ attacks on pregnancy centers and churches since the leaked opinion on the overturning of Roe. Disney is at it again with their ‘kid’s content’.  Canadian pastor finally has charges dropped for holding church meetings. And finally, a celebrity Goth heroineContinue reading “ATTACKS on Pregnancy Centers and other SPIRITUAL BATTLES”

Leave my KIDS ALONE!

Welcome to Church Public, Current events from a Christian Perspective. Today we learn It’s ok to try and stab a Governor or attempt to murder a Supreme Court Justice, as long as they are conservative. Los Angeles Unified School District encourages kids to experiment with pronouns and other LGBT ideas. In AZ, you no longerContinue reading “Leave my KIDS ALONE!”